Test devices and production tools

Devices for testing, winding and assembly in the in-house test equipment shop

TTest devices and production tools construction play an essential role in the electronics and electrical engineering industries to ensure that products meet required quality standards. In our company, test fixtures, lay boards, winding fixtures and placement fixtures are developed and are developed and manufactured in-house to meet the specific requirements of our manufacturing processes. This enables an efficient and precise manufacturing of our products.
MTG Montagetechnik GmbH - Test devices and production tools
MTG Montagetechnik GmbH - Test devices and production tools
MTG Montagetechnik GmbH - Test devices and production tools

Testing devices
Testing devices are indispensable tools to ensure the quality and function of our products. They are used to check various parameters, such as electrical conductivity, mechanical strength or other specific properties. These devices can also help to detect defects or flaws in products at an early stage, thus improving quality assurance.

Laying boards
Lay-up boards are special fixtures used in our company to position components in a specific arrangement before they are installed in the product. They help make the assembly process more efficient and precise, especially in mass production.

Winding devices
Winding devices are useful for properly winding or spooling cables, wires or other flexible materials. This is especially important when precise lengths or winding patterns are required.

Placement devices
Assembly fixtures are critical to the proper placement of electronic components on printed circuit boards or other substrates. They ensure precise and reliable assembly, which improves the quality and performance of the final products.

Automatic crimping machines with monitoring systems
The integration of crimp force monitoring systems in our automatic crimping machines is an important step towards quality assurance. These systems monitor the crimping process and ensure that the correct force is applied to make a secure and reliable connection. This helps to avoid faulty connections and to ensure the electrical conductivity and mechanical stability of the connection.

All in all, the test equipment and fixture construction in our company enables a customized solution for your manufacturing requirements. By designing and manufacturing these fixtures in-house, we can ensure that they are perfectly matched to our processes, improving the efficiency and quality of our production. This helps to ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards and satisfy our customers’ requirements.

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