Seal assembly

Fully automatic seal placement in the crimping process

The integration of fully automatic seal placement into the crimping process represents a significant advance, especially in the automotive industry, where maximum precision and quality are essential. These advanced machines are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the automotive industry and provide a powerful solution for the assembly of sealing systems in crimp connections.
MTG Montagetechnik GmbH - Seal assembly
MTG Montagetechnik GmbH - Seal assembly
MTG Montagetechnik GmbH - Seal assembly

The automatic seal stations are equipped with advanced technologies to precisely and reliably insert the seals into the crimp connections. Here are some advantages and features of this innovative technology:

  1. Precision and consistency: Fully automated seal stations ensure precise placement of seals at every joint. This ensures consistent quality and electrical conductivity in all connections, which is crucial in the automotive industry.
  2. Efficiency: Automation of the sealing process results in significant time and cost savings. These machines are able to install seals much faster than manual methods, without the risk of errors.
  3. Quality control: Modern seal stations are often equipped with integrated quality control systems to ensure that each joint meets quality standards. Deviations or errors are detected immediately and can be corrected.
  4. Flexibility: These machines are capable of processing various types of seals and crimp connections, which increases their adaptability to different applications in the automotive industry.
  5. Ergonomics and safety: The fully automated seal stations are designed to provide an ergonomic working environment for operators while ensuring workplace safety.

The integration of fully automated sealing stations in our crimping processes has significantly improved the efficiency and quality of connection production. This is particularly important as modern vehicles use increasingly complex electrical systems that require maximum reliability. With this advanced technology, automakers can ensure that their vehicles meet stringent quality standards and that consumer safety and performance are assured.

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